Welcome to the Academic Honesty and Wellness Videos!

The following video series are a part of an Academic Honesty Module that references the Academic Honesty Policy  at York University. This module is designed to prepare students for a life of academic integrity in post-secondary!

What is Academic Honesty?

Academic honesty is defined as a commitment to six fundamental values:

(ICAI, 2001).

What is Academic Misconduct? 

Academic misconduct includes actions that may result in creating an unfair academic advantage for oneself or for others in an academic environment.  (York University Senate Policy, 2005).

This policy establishes the general obligation on all members of York University to maintain the highest standards of academic conduct by avoiding behaviours which create unfair academic advantage or that unfairly disadvantage others (York University Senate Policy, 2005). The sections are as follows:

  • Purpose & Principles
  • Scope & Application
  • Definitions
  • Policy
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Review
  • Appeals
  • Procedures

In the following videos, you will be introduced to characters that you might find yourself relating to as a student in the upcoming years of your academic journey. These characters face challenges around academic integrity, mental health, and academic wellness, through which you will have the opportunity to examine and reflect on. 

Sketch by Raquel Valente
Sketch by Raquel Valente.
Left to right: Adile, Justin, Rongyu, Anoushka, Cortez, Verona

Breaches Against the Academic Honesty Policy at York University

It is a breach of The Academic Honesty Policy at York University to engage in any form of academic misconduct.

Breaches include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cheating, plagiarism, misrepresentation of identity or performance, fraud and research misconduct, student research misconduct, and other violations of specific departmental or course requirements.

The following videos will explore some of these breaches.


Misrepresentation of Personal Identity or Performance & Plagiarism

Student Research Misconduct & Plagiarism

Investigations and Procedures Governing Breaches of Academic Honesty at York University

In cases that an academic misconduct is suspected or has occurred, there are procedures that must be followed by the university. The following video will explore the procedures that students go through during an investigation of academic misconduct .

Penalties for Academic Misconduct at York University

Students who violate The Academic Honesty Policy are subject to penalties that can be imposed singularly or in combination for any offense.

Examples of penalties include but are not limited to the following:

  • A written warning, a make-up assignment, a failure in the course, permanent grade of record, notation on transcript, suspension from the university for a definite period or with transcript notation, or withholding a York University degree.

The following video will explore some of the possible penalties of academic misconduct.

This video series is brought to you by a collaboration between The Academic Wellness Project, Calumet and Stong Colleges, and the Faculty of Health at York University.

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