What is the Academic Wellness Project (TAWP)?

TAWP is a student-led initiative through the Agents of Change Program at York University.

TAWP is a project that promotes students’ academic and mental well-being by increasing their understanding of the applications of Academic Integrity.

What are TAWP’s Mission & Vision?

The project aims to improve the academic wellness of postsecondary students pursuing a degree through the enhancement of the perceptions and knowledge of undergraduate students at York University regarding academic integrity, considering the resulting implications for both academic progress and mental well-being. 

What are TAWP’s Deliverables?

TAWP’s goal is to provide students with evidence-based tools and resources through:

What are Some Research Topics that are of Interest to TAWP?

  • The effects of anxiety, stress, and depression on students’ academic progress and academic wellbeing.
  • The effects of academic wellbeing on students’ mental wellbeing. 
  • How self-esteem affects the academic development and academic choices of students. 
  • The risk factors and underlying causes of academic misconduct. 
  • The difference between a culture of wellness and a culture of burnout.
  • Resources, skills, and tools that can aid students’ in developing academic wellness.
  • How perceptions of and attitudes towards academic integrity and one’s learning community influence students’ decision making process.

Our Funding

TAWP is funded by the Agents of Change Program at Calumet and Stong Colleges, Faculty of Health, York University.

Agents of Change (AoG) is aimed to encourage students to create their own personal, community-oriented, and health-related initiatives.

Meet the Team!

Dema Talib | Project Founder & Lead

Psychology, Honours BSc, YorkU Alumni.

Dema is extremely passionate about advocating for all students to reach their full potentials academically, mentally and socially and other areas of their academic journey. This passion is what led her to create The Academic Wellness Project.

During her time at York, Dema has been involved as a Peer Tutor, Peer Mentor, PASS Leader, Script Writer, Blog Writer, and Executive of another AoG project.

Derya Sonmez | Research Coordinator

Psychology, Honours BA, 4th Year.

Derya Sonmez currently a York University student and is the Research Coordinator for The Academic Wellness Project. Derya takes special value in organizing reach into different concepts and refining the accumulated knowledge for the organization.

Dusan Prelo | Social Media | Website Coordinator

Psychology, Honours BSc, 4th Year.

During his time at York, he has competed with both the Men’s Basketball team, and Men’s Volleyball team.  Dusan’s current position with The Academic Wellness Project is to create posts for both of the TAWP Instagram page, as well as design and maintain the TAWP website. He is very passionate about helping others especially those who require assistance in academics as he has faced similar challenges in his journey through university.

Maria Emilia Ferreira | Script Writer

Screenwriting, Honours BFA, 1st Year.

Maria Emilia is a York University student that is zealous about creating scripts for the purpose of education especially surrounding issues involving mental health awareness. As a 1st year student she very excited for the opportunity to be apart of a research project especially about an issue she is already so passionate about.

Thiviya Sothinathan | Research Lead

Psychology, Honours BSc, 4th Year.

Thiviya currently a York University Student who extremely passionate about helping others and raising awareness surrounding students mental health and their achievements. Her current role with TAWP is to conduct research. She enjoys her time listening to music and reading.

Tabinda MalikResearch Lead

Kinesiology & Health, Honours BSc, 5th Year. 

Tabinda is a 5th year Kinesiology and Health Science student (BSc) that is passionate about mental health and its association with academic achievement. I am excited to take on the Research Lead position with TAWP and contribute to the mental/physical well-being of all students at York!

Vi Vo | Event Coordinator

Psychology, Honours BSc, 2nd Year.

Vi is an undergraduate at York University and is the Event Coordinator for The Academic Wellness Project. Vi is passionate about advocating mental health for students and fostering an environment in which students may reach their greatest potential by conducting informational events to offer students with resources to achieve their goals. She is excited to become a part of the team and looking forward to the upcoming future of The Academic Wellness Project.

Yousuf WaleedWebsite Developer Assistant

Medical Sciences, Honours BSc, BrockU Alumni. 

A graduate of Brock University and a co-founder of CMRN initiative that aims to alleivate financial and logistic pressure amid the COVID-19 pandemic for those in need. Yousuf has worked in website development and has designed websites for mutliple institutions and initiatives. His current position on the TAWP team is to develop the module section of the website and enhance its appearance.